After two years of looking, we have finally found a location for our craft beer brewery.

Our Brisbane Craft Brewery

At last. We have found a home for our brewery and taproom after a long, long, long journey.

We have just agreed a deal with the owners of the property to enter into a lease subject to various contractual conditions (we hired some ace lawyers because legal speak ain’t our language).

Hopefully the lease will be signed in the coming weeks and we can start to get the ball rolling get our development application lodged, apply for a liquor licence and become legally cool to brew and sell heaps for hoppy frothies.

Why the hell did it take so bloody long?

We should have been open by June 2019. We weren’t. Why? Three other properties fell through and luckily for us, we kept going thanks to the help and encouragement of our buddies in the craft beer scene, family and friends. I felt like giving up on several occasions but Kanye told me that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Yeah. Yeah.

I actually closed down my counselling practice to work on the business only for the landlord of the first property to pull out of the deal because “he didn’t want heat from council planners” regarding his adjacent lot. Bonkers. You couldn’t make it up. I had spent a heap of time, effort and money into the project already. I had even arrange to get mains gas connected by digging up 150 metres of road as well as organising an upgrade of the electricity supply. I was absolutely gutted. Devastated and with a huge dent in my confidence I soldiered on with the help of Anita’s encouragement and support as well as my poor mates and local bartenders who had to put up with my moody moaning.

The next property was even worse and it cost us over two months of wasted time. I can’t go into any more detail but it was absolutely bloody frustrating. Some people were put on this planet to challenge your patience and be extremely economical with the truth. Two down.

Number three was much more simple in breaking my heart. We were ready to put in out offer and sign the heads of agreement when I asked about the presence of a demolition clause. The estate agent gave me the bad news. The landlord was only willing to do a five year lease as he wanted to develop the site into apartments after that. At least he was upfront and we didn’t lose much time on this one although it was very very disappointing all the same.

Everything happens for a reason.

We have all heard that wanky phrase for brushing off disaster, death and disappointment with the ole everything happens for a reason line, but for once I believed that everything did happen for a reason.

The property that we are about to lease is fucking incredible. It is over budget, a little bit smaller that we wanted BUT IT IS AMAZING.

I cannot wait to show you once the development application has been approved. I still can’t believe it is happening as patience is not one of my virtues.

We are getting a brewery and it is going to be one of the most stunning craft breweries in Australia. I am serious.

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